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Quick sketch 0001

I decided to start posting one of my daily sketch pages. It's quite a commitment, but Im going to try!

Tuesday 14 August 2012


Finally finished most of the texture maps for Trav.  Still have some tweaking to do but here is what he looks like so far.  I used a mixture of Photoshop and Bodypaint to generate the texture maps and finished up with Maya for the rendering.  I am planning to use render passes for the final images to have a bit more control over the final outcome.

Trav modelling part 2 from carlo kasongo on Vimeo.

Character Log- Trav is 26. He is 5’10 and has a lean and muscular physique. He has facial stubble, ear plugs and a large tattoo on his right arm.

Back Story- He is a free runner who now has a robotic leg after complications from a gang related shooting led to an amputation. He grew up as an only child to a single mother and spent the bulk of his time running the streets in a gang. Trav is quite quiet and reserved. Although he now works in a packaging factory, his evenings are reserved for free running.


Character Log- Mila is 19. She is 5’6 and has dark grey eyes. Her long hair is deep brown/black. She has a curvy frame and a tattoo in her left arm.

Back Story- Mila comes from skateboarding background. She is tough and independent and learned to board by watching her 4 older brothers. She is now trying to uphold her families name and prove her worth to her remaining brothers as her eldest brother was killed in a previous Last Runner championship.

mila modelling in progress from carlo kasongo on Vimeo.

I just finished the block in phase and I am currently detailing the model. I still need to figure out the final look for the hair and add smaller details.

Here is the model with polypaint from Zbrush.

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